Gazebo Mornings

Gazebo Mornings
Warby Parker glasses, Alexander Wang pullover, Undrest silk shorts (sold out - boo! But here are some similar ones in a pretty honeydew color), Heath Ceramics mug, Catstudio geography pillow, Woolrich moose pillow, West Elm throw, Melissa Harmonic flip flops

I'm happy to be home in Minnesota for the next week to work with clients and spend some overdue quality time with my family. One of my favorite routines at home is waking up in the morning and going straight out to our backyard gazebo for coffee and long chats. I don't bother changing out of my pajamas (hello, neighbors!) but I always grab a cup of hot coffee on my way out. Small town life is delightfully slower paced than I'm used to, so I love to linger out there for as long as I want, catch up on all my favorite catalogs and trashy mags, and map out the day ahead. We repeat the activity about 8 hours later, only then we have glasses of wine in hand.

Tail Feathers


If you are ever feeling down, wear feathers. They lift you up. Literally. This glorious one-of-a-kind skirt has been staring me right in the face from the front rack at Shareen Vintage for awhile now, and I have never been able to get it out of my head. It calls my name. "Caaaatherine. Take me home. Wear me on your trips to Trader Joe's. Do SOMETHING with me." So I did, and for some reason that something just had to be to mix it with prep school inspired pieces in all white. Sometimes that's how it happens - with no rhyme or reason but with a strong force. When that happens, there's no looking back. There's only one thing left to do - make it a reality. Except for maybe the part about Trader Joe's.

Shareen feather skirt, J.Crew shirt, tie, tie clip, vintage bracelet, Enzo Angiolini shoes, ADA belt, La Rok broach
 Photos by Ian Sheppard

Savannah Dream


For the longest time, it was my dream to visit Savannah, GA. The culture, history, food, and style of it drew me in. I had never visited a town quite like it before - actually I don't think there exists a town quite like it - and I was dying for the opportunity to go. So when were making the trip to our friends' wedding in St. Augustine, that was our chance and we had to take it. After a great time catching up with friends, we made the 4-hour mini road trip to Savannah. It really was such a unique place, so fun to explore it on foot. We saw houses haunted by confederate soldiers, ate delicious ice cream from Leopold's, sipped on mint juleps, and browsed antique stores along the river. As you might expect, it was especially hot and humid so I kept my outfit simple with mint cutoffs from H&M, comfy flat sandals, my favorite sequined summer tank, and my vintage croc purse that I purchased at a the Hell's Kitchen flea market years ago - perfect for the swampy states, don't you think?

Hat from Venice Beach, J.Crew top, H&M shorts, Sam Edelman sandals, vintage purse, Dita sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Bracelets: Kindred Stones, Forever 21, Kate Spade, J.Crew
Photos by Ian Sheppard