Wear Your Metal Resolution: Get Organized


In the new year, after all the holiday clothes have been put away, you're left with nothing but the extra pounds you've steadily been putting on since Thanksgiving, and a complete drought of fashion inspiration. It can be hard to know where to start with your wardrobe in January, when you can't imagine stepping outside your door period in the subzero temps, let alone try to look cute when you do it. While those sweatpants might look pretty appealing right about now, let us not forget that this is the time to wear our goals for the new year on our sleeves! Dressing your intention is a way to show the world which direction you are heading in, and most importantly, to remind yourself who you want to be today, this month, or this year. This week, we're taking a look at the five elemental resolutions, and how you can incorporate them into your look this season. So keep your eye out for which element speaks to your goals for the year, and get ready to incorporate it into your new year's look!

A Metal New Year

If your life is feeling a bit out of control, and your goal is to pull it all together into a clean, organized, and elegant state, Metal is your intention for the new year. Whatever your essence, here are some ways to bring some Metal energy into your look, in whatever capacity you're comfortable with.

Your Look's Key Words: Clean. Crisp. Pristine. Classy. Elegant. Put together. Style Elements: Pastels. Designer brands. Quality. Luxurious materials. Metallics. Polka dots.

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Tips to Metalicize Your Life

1. Make lots of lists. I like to make my To Do List for tomorrow the night before, so when I wake up, I know exactly what my day is going to consist of. Try the Russell + Hazel One Day at a Time notepad set (featured above) for all your listing needs.

2. Choose a theme. Whether you're organizing your office, kitchen, or closet, it's fun to assign a specific theme to your project - like Shabby Chic, Futuristic Clear, or Zen. It gives you a criteria when searching for storage boxes, folders, pens, recipe binders, hangers, etc.

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3. It's all about receptacles. It's impossible to get organized unless everything has a place to go. Every time I score a cute jewelry tray, basket, or box, I get a feeling of put togetherness. When everything has a home, you avoid clutter in your space, and in your life.

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Getting organized can be tons of fun, once you push yourself to finally get started. Need to go through that huge stack of accumulating mail? Hop on down to Staples, get some cute file folders, and file away over a glass of Cabernet. Can't open your closet door without multiple pair of shoes barreling down on your head? Get some shoe shelves or storage boxes, and sit in front of your closet with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (see the theme?). When you're done, you'll be left with a beautiful space, and a beautiful year.