Uninspired in Your Home Office? Have a Drink

Home improvement projects can feel like a never ending process, but there are always fun little touches you can add to really bring a room to life. Inspired once again by Mad Men, I made a small yet impactful addition to the home office... what else? A bar!

Tiffany & Co. decanter, CB2 shaker, Alessi spoon, Anthropologie bowl, Williams Sonoma glasses and cocktail napkin, West Elm tray{}

I'm not a whiskey or a scotch drinker, so I filled the lovely decanter (a wedding shower gift from my dear friend) with Grey Goose. While I may not be pouring myself  a plentiful serving on the rocks at 1pm like Don Draper, it's fun to enjoy a cocktail in the office at the end of a work day with the hubby or girlfriends. {}

CB2 credenza, Ikea lamp and file cabinet, West Elm desk and chair, home made memo board

Aside from a nice drink now and then, the other key to a successful business is good organization. This modern credenza from CB2 houses unsightly items like the printer, and provides the perfect excuse to buy lots of fun storage boxes. They will serve a satisfying purpose and provide a nice treat every time you slide the doors open.{}

Container Store file boxes
John Derian for Target tray, Russell & Hazel notepad, Wedding Pantry glass carder holder

Found! Joan's Pen Necklace

Those of us who love Mad Men are undoubtedly very familiar with Joan's pen necklace. If she's at the office, she's never without it around her neck in case she might need to make any quick jots. She's Joan. She's always prepared, always professional, always perfect - and that's why we love her.

On my previously mentioned jaunt to Kate Spade, I gasped when I came across a very Joan-like pen necklace in a modern style and I knew it must be mine. Not only can I appreciate the clever functionality, but I'm looking forward to sporting the sure-of-myself Joan mentality it will undoubtedly bestow upon me.




This little wonder is unfortunately not sold on Kate Spade's website, so you'll have to "drag" yourself to the nearest Kate boutique to find it. The good news? It retails for an affordable $25, so it won't break the bank. You'll have plenty left to have your hair set at the parlor.

Channel It: Bye Bye Birdie


I recently had the pleasure of reindulging in one of my favorite childhood classic musicals, Bye Bye Birdie. I love Ann Margret's youthful, feminine portrayal of Kim McAffee in this movie - especially the scene in which she changes out of her school clothes into her cozy home clothes while belting out "How Lovely to be a Woman." Having just been pinned by her dreamy, wimpy boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, she can hardly contain her womanly giddiness.


My favorite part about this whole sequence is how she's singing about how she loves dressing up and putting lipstick on, all the while changing into such a cozy, ungirly outfit. It has all the quintessential "nesting" staples: oversized sweater, boyfriend jeans, arygle socks, baseball cap.

Channel It: Bye Bye Birdie


If you haven't seen this film, rent it immediately, and make sure you're wearing your uniform (above). I guarantee you'll love it.