Animal House

Animal House

1. 3.1. Phillip Lim belt, 2. Gemma Lister earrings, 3. Wildfox cardigan, 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs flats, 5. Carven jumper, 6. Miss Selfridge brooch, 7. Asos hat, 8. Cellapod iPhone case, 9. Bex Rox ring

The cat's out of the bag. If you've seen any of my recent posts (take this or this por ejemplo), it's clear that I have a thing for animal likeness fashion. Whether it's a ram horn, a python print, or a stegosaurus spike, I love to add little animal aspect to my outfit whenever possible. Leopard print is an absolutely crucial staple in my wardrobe, almost as if it's a solid neutral, so isn't it a gas to push it a step further into full-on animal costumery? These pieces are a fun touch of sass and kitsch without teetering into childish. Perfect for a weekend of unadulterated mischief. See you next week!

2011 Survival Guide


2011 Kickoff

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tangramarama Anna Clutch, Russell + Hazel Quips + Queries Set, Louis Vuitton Golden Agenda Pen, Karen Walker Number One Crazy Tortoise Sunglasses, Chanel Le Vernis Riva, Beauty is Life Coming Out Lashes, Zara Home Pillow, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Dress, Dominic Jones Claw Knuckle Duster, Minimarket Croc Patent Zipper Wedges
Along with a new year comes a clean slate - an empty inspiration board waiting to be filled with new lusts and loves. As we make long lists of goals and resolutions in between sips of leftover (but still good!) champagne, we mustn't fail to consider the style details that will support us in conquering the unknown this year. What's a girl not to be without in '11? To name a few...
1. Portfolio/Clutch - Maybe you're going over materials with a new client or maybe you're catching up with friends over ginger sidecars. It's appropriate and cute either way.
2. Pretty little jotters - We're always scribbling things. A phone number, an address, a paint color, an inmate ID#. Why not do it on a gilded notecard adorned in symbols of good luck?
3. An impossibly gorgeous writing utensil - Because you deserve beauty in even the smallest of details.
4. Glasses that have taken one more step towards crazy - Still love last year's cat eyes, but could use a little boost of granny-fab.
5. Whimsical nail colors - January is a month for dreaming. Why not do it on your nails?
6. Loads of lashes - The longer, the better... and don't let yourself ever be without them in a time of need.
7. Sequins in the home - Let them spill out of your sparkle-stocked closet and all over your couch.
8. Geeky/girly dress - To get the best of both worlds.
9. Don't-Mess-With-Me-Ring - To account for what #8 lacks.
10. Wedge bootie - In a not-so-neutral color. It's time to get serious about having a little fun.