Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Samantha



All Fire Baby!

It's safe to say that Samantha Jones is one of most fiery Fires ever created in pop culture - especially when it comes to her philosophies on men, and that sailor mouth of hers. We'd all love to have even a fraction of the guts she has, which is why she's an icon and an inspiration to us all. When it comes to Samantha's style, no outfit is too loud or skimpy. Her look is fearless and ageless. I mean, what other woman in her 50's would show up to a red carpet event wearing the exact same outfit as Miley Cyrus?


Samantha's Rules to Style

1. Always dress for men, not for women (if you get cat calls from the construction workers on Canal St., that means you got it right).

2. Your best staple pieces are the ones that are most easily removed.

3. Never bring a fake Fendi to the Playboy mansion.

4. Wear it, and never apologize for it.

5. The bigger the jewels, the better... if you know what I mean.


At The Movies

Samantha's a "go big or go home" kinda gal. So even if she's just going to the movies, that's certainly not stopping her from sporting her most obnoxious duds - sparkles, chunky jewelry, and blatant brands in tow. Samantha is the last person to care about whatever whispers she may be attracting from the row behind about her tranny-like corset. In fact, the more whispers she attracts, the better.

Sex and the City 2 - SamanthaSex and the City 2 - Samantha by thelifestyled


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Oscar's Best Dressed

The 82nd Academy Awards were predicted to be unpredictable, and certainly turned out some upsets with winners on and off the red carpet. Key trends in Oscar fashion this year were voluminous gowns, bright pink lips, and messy updos (or maybe those were accidental, given the rain). Here are my favorite looks from an elemental perspective...

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa

There's no doubt that this was Sandra's night. As Carson Kressley said on Oprah's After Oscar Special yesterday, "her stylist knew she was going to win," and chose her dress accordingly. This dress is a complete embodiment of Metal energy with an extra spark of Fire, making it the perfect choice for her to win the gold in!

Demi Moore in Atelier Versace

Demi sure knows how to wear nude. How Metal of her! Even though this dress feels like a bit of deja vous from previous years (I'm thinking Penelope Cruz), I gotta hand it to Rachel Zoe for nailing Demi's look. It's sleek, sophisticated, and most of all, sexy - which is just so Demi.

Zoe Saldana in Givenchy

I think this is one of those dresses you either love or hate, and I absolutely love it. If there is anyone who can carry it off, it's Zoe. I love that she went for something so fantastical for the year of Avatar. While there's a lot of Fire going on in all the drama of sparkles and ruffles, my favorite part is the ombre effect - the Water to cool down the Fire, if you will.

Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham

I know Miley has been getting some negative press around her "bad posture" and whatever else on Oscar night, but I think she looked stunning. This gown had everything a young star would want for the Oscars - girly sass in the bustier top, but an element of youthfulness in the tulle skirt. I can't think of a better person to wear this gorgeous Metal/Fire dress. Just like last year, Miley got it right.

Nicole Richie in Reem Acra

Nicole Richie definitely deserves some points for honoring her essence on the red carpet this year. This elegant Metal Reem Acra dress with a Watery/hippy twist was made for her. I cannot see anyone else rocking it like she did, and that's when you know someone played it right. I also loved the sleek hair (perfect to combat the rain) and smoky cat eye - it all just screamed "Nicole Richie", and that's what I love to see!

Meryl Streep in Chris March

As much as we all love Meryl, sometimes she doesn't quite nail it with her fashion choices. But this dress, to me, was such a perfect choice for her. I loved the pure white Metal look, with touches of comforting Earth in the boxy shoulder and ample arm coverage. It was classic, yet trendy in all the right places. Best of all, it was far from over-the-top. You can tell she is genuinely comfortable, which is something I love to see on an Earth like herself!

Burnin' Up: Grammy's Fashion

Heading into last night's Grammys, I prepared myself for an evening of shock, skin, and sparkle. If there is one thing the music industry does not like to be, it is boring or predictable. So when taking an elemental look at last night's red carpet, you know to expect a heavy dose of Fire (look at me!), with a good amount of Water (don't question it). What I did not expect was some of the elegant 100% Metal looks that graced the red carpet. Take a look...





A bit of a stretch but...


I don't know what to tell ya. I guess even the true Earth musicians go out on a limb on Grammy night!