Casual Luxe



Clothes that are comfy and chic at the same time are like foods that are mutually healthy and tasty. In other words, the best joys in life. As I've mentioned before, I didn't think I could pull off the silky harem pants until I tried on the Gold Hawk versions and fell in love. This pair wears a little bit slouchier, and the polka dots make them a bit more playful than the solid black. At the same time I found these, I instantly became obsessed with the silk pocket tee, another Gold Hawk staple that I simply must get in black and navy too. It's comfy and soft, but so easy to dress up because it's silk. In this case, I threw the two together to create the softest, loungiest, floatiest, yet sleek outfit I can muster up. Add in some Chucks, Rockstuds, gold bling, and you get one happy girl who's ready to tackle a day of e-mails, lunch with a friend, or an endless list of errands.




20130519-IMG_0869Gold Hawk top and pants, Valentino bag (FINALLY back in stock!), Converse shoes, Prada sunglasses, Kate Spade earrings, Rings: H&M, Forever21, Bracelets: Jewelmint, BGBGeneration, Kate Spade, Nixon watch (c/o Watch Co)
Photography by Ian Sheppard



Vacay Way


Last week we took a little vacation to the southeast, starting with a few days in the old, quaint town of St. Augustine, FL. I had been there once before during college and had such simple, joyful memories of it that I couldn't wait to go back and bring the hubby this time. There's a sense of history and charm that's so fun to explore with no particular agenda. It's filled with cute cobblestone backstreets that make you feel like you've stepped into a tiny coastal town in Spain.

On our first morning there, we were anxious to head out for a Cuban breakfast of pork, eggs and café con leche, so I reached for my skull tee and the rest followed suit without any hemming or hawing. The outfit ended up combining the perfect mix of elements that fit right into the St. Augustine vibe - part pirate, part small town lady, and part explorer. Limited packing space sometimes makes for the easiest fashion choices, and that's how vacation should be.

Zara top and pants, HRH Collection necklace, Prada sunglasses, hat from a random store on Venice Beach (similar), Cole Haan sandals (similar), Michael Kors watch, gel manicure c/o Bellacures, Bracelets: J.Crew, H&M, vintage
Photos by Ian Sheppard

Fashion Feng Shui: Styling Element Breakdown

I figured it might be time for our next lesson in Fashion Feng Shui 101. I know I keep talking about honoring your essence with your clothes, but I haven't exactly told you how to do that. I talked about the 5 elements and their archetypes. Now, I'll tell you how the elements manifest themselves through fabrics, colors, and style concepts. There are countless ways we can dress our essence and bring the other elements in to honor our intentions (what we want to bring into our lives), our environment (what our lives demand of us), and our appearance (our features that we want to flatter). I'll get more into those details in later posts, but in the meantime, I'm going to show you the basics of the elements through clothing and accessories.

WATER - The Philosopher

Mantra Words: Unique. Creative. Offbeat. Intelligent. Fabrics: Flowy or sheer fabrics like chiffon, sheer silk, and organza. Colors: Deep cool tones like black, deep blue, or dark purple. Styles: Asymetrical shapes like a one shoulder design, ethnic prints, gathering or rouching, reflective touches, and anything that goes "against the grain." Designers/Brands: Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Prada

WOOD - The Pioneer

Mantra Words: Move. Grow. Activity. Fabrics: Anything movable, non-fussy, and plant based, like cotton, jersey, linen, gauze, and denim. Colors: Fresh bright colors like marine blue and kelly green. Styles: Sporty, preppy, hippy, floral prints, or vertical stripes. Designers/Brands: J. Crew, Patagonia, Missoni, Polo Ralph Lauren, Martin + Osa

EARTH - The Peacemaker

Mantra Words: Nurture. Grounded. Comfort. Classic. Fabrics: Cozy and comfy, textured fabrics, tweed, raw silk, piqué. Colors: Earthy tones like brown, khaki, sage, and warm colors like yellow and orange. Styles: Boxy shapes, traditional or classic styles, plaid prints, "school girl." Designers/Brands: Gap, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch

FIRE - The Pleasure Seeker

Mantra Words: Fun. Captivating. Dramatic. Attention Getting. Fabrics: Anything that comes from an animal (or the faux versions) including wool, silk, and leather, attention getting fabrics like lamé, spandex, or sequin. Colors: Reds, purples, pinks, and anything really bright like neon, or jewel tones. Styles: Triangular shapes, dramatic trends, animal print, v-necks, anything that reveals your assets. Designers/Brands: Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Zara, Topshop

METAL - The Perfectionist

Mantra Words: Luxury. Elegant. Class. Perfection. Details. Fabrics: Anything high quality and luxurious like cashmere, polished fabrics with a slight sheen, metallics. Colors: Ivory, white, silver, gold, creamy pastels. Styles: Anything classy, elegant, polished, and luxurious. True metals tend to stay away from prints, but round shapes like polka dots have a lot of metal energy. Nothing flashy or cheap. Designers/Brands: Chanel, Gucci, YSL, J. Crew, Banana Republic

Now, let me make a very important disclaimer: if you think you've decided which essence you are, but wouldn't wear all the clothes I've shown for that element, do not feel like you have to second guess your essence. The reality is most pieces do have more than one element present, and each one of us has different motivations for our personal style because of our intentions, environment, or appearance. For example, maybe your essence is Earth but you don't like to wear the Earthy yellows and oranges. Maybe it's because your body coloring is more cool, so your appearance come into play and steers you away from warmer colors. That's totally OK. In that case, you would use one of the other ways to make sure your Earth is present, like a classic style or boxy jacket and wear it in shades that flatter you better. You don't have to have ALL of the aspects of an element present in order to honor your essence. It might just be in the fabric, color, style, or print.

You know those outfits you put on and just feel like a dud in, or something's not right - chances are it's bescause your essence is missing. When you remember to honor who you are on the inside with what you wear on the outside, that's how you will be most comfortable, happy, and in your element!