Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Carrie




Metal + Fire

Because the character of Carrie is meant to be the every-woman of the group, her essence is not so heavy in one element. She's a Metal for her love of all things top of the line, and the meticulous perfection of her imperfect life. She's a Fire for being the star of the show by any definition, and immediately owning every room she walks into. This is largely due to her impeccable statement-making wardrobe and zest for life in The City. No matter where she goes, she's always dressed to attract conversation and her outfits are either impossibly perfect for the time and place, or divinely imperfect which in turn redefines perfect. You with me?


Carrie's Rules to Style

1. Every outfit starts with the shoes.

2. Always make sure you're wearing at least one piece that only you can pull off.

3. When you think you're ready to walk out the door, stop and replace the most predictable part of your outfit with something unexpected.

4. Your style comes down to what makes you giddy. If you're uninspired by what you have on, it's time to change.

5. Each day is a new opportunity to reinvent your style... and yourself.


At the Movies

Carrie could literally wear a paper bag and we'd all be running to the nearest grocery store to stock up, which means her perfect outfit possibilities are endless. If she were going to see Sex and the City 2, she wouldn't be deterred by the casual setting of a movie theatre; she'd use it as an opportunity to create a borderline kitschy version of the perfect outfit. She might sport something like this Alexander Wang frock in the quintessential comfy fabric, and clearly far from unfabulous. Add some one-of-a-kind, edgy designer accessories, a gasp inducing pair of shoes, and all she needs are her girlfriend and popcorn.

Sex and the City 2 - CarrieSex and the City 2 - Carrie by thelifestyled

Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Miranda




Water + Earth

Like any true Water, the only rules Miranda likes to live by are her own. She's intelligent, unpredictable, and resists any box society might try to put her in. While Water makes up most of her essence, there is a slight undertone of Earth that comes into play with her slightly stubborn tendencies, loyalty to her friends loved ones, and her own favorite traditions (like Chinese delivery and British soap operas). Her style is a perfect blend of the two with an emphasis on eclectic patterns, flowy fabrics, warm neutral tones, and conservative work attire. In the earlier seasons Miranda's style was a bit nonexistent/embarrassing, which is why we loved to see her come out of her fashion shell in the later years with chunky jewelry, fun ethnic patterned dresses, big belts, and a cuter-by-the-episode layered bob.


Miranda's Rules to Style

1. Huge totes and satchels are daily essentials for carrying your life from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

2. Dress to inspire your career, and intimidate the men who might try to get in your way.

3. Having short hair is effortless and liberating.

4. A great belt always flatters your waist, and is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

5. There are more important things in life than waxing your bikini line.


At the Movies

Miranda's outfit for a night at the movies would be stylish, without compromising comfort or practicality. She might be coming from a long day at the firm, but that wouldn't stop her from jazzing up for a night out with the girls. This may include artistic jewelry, draping, neutral shades, day-to-night heels, and one of her signature big belts to tie it all together.

Sex and the City 2 - MirandaSex and the City 2 - Miranda by thelifestyled

Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Charlotte




Metal + Earth

Charlotte's the girl we can always count on to be loyal, nurturing, proper, and classy. Her Metal makes her the queen of all things elegant, while her underlying Earth contributes to her motherly, traditional, and domestic tendencies. We love her for the squeaky clean all-American girl that she is, and her perfect wardrobe to match. You'll always see Charlotte in pieces that are delightfully easy on the eye with no surprises, in recognizable styles reminiscent of the idyllic 50's.


Charlotte's Rules to Style

1. Always make sure your outfit ties together through one repeating color.

2. If it would attract judging stares on the upper east side, do not wear it.

3. A classic a-line dress is suitable for any occasion.

4. Bows, polka dots, and florals are your best friends.

5. When vacationing in Mexico, do not drink the water... and always have a backup outfit on hand.

Anthropologie Cooling Palette Dress, $188


At the Movies

If Charlotte were seeing Sex and the City 2 this Friday, she'd likely don a cutesy casual (well, casual by her definition) frock like this one by Alice + Olivia. She might wear flats to stay comfy, but they'd have to be sufficiently feminine and graceful. Most importantly, Charlotte would be sure to bring her hanky for the inevitable waterworks during the film's most touching moments.

Sex and the City 2 - CharlotteSex and the City 2 - Charlotte by thelifestyled