Oh Yes They Did

The most nostalgic and controversial trend of the early 90's is back, and this time it's for grown-ups. That's right, I'm talking about slap bracelets. But before I elaborate, let's back up...

Wow. It's been awhile.

As some of you may have seen via the various social media platforms, I am now working with ShoeDazzle as their new stylist! I've talked about them before but in short, it's a shoe/bag/jewelry of the month club that gives you customized selections chosen by stylists every month for your private showroom. All the bags and shoes are $39 and jewelry is $29, so I can honestly say there's no better way to overindulge in the last trends. I'm thrilled for the opportunity to give design input, make customized selections for members' showrooms, participate in public events and media on behalf of the company, and all sorts of other fun things. Before too long, you'll see my whole stylist page on the site, as that's all in the works right now. In the meantime, I'll definitely be sharing some of my favorite picks. If you haven't already become a member, join here!

Street Diva bracelet set

Now back to the crazy talk. When I was choosing a couple of fun things from my April showroom, I was taken by this set of three edgy studded cuffs (lately I'm obsessed with bracelets and have been mixing and layering them halfway up my forearm). They were described as merely "adjustable", so imagine my shock when they arrived and I realized that they are SLAP BRACELETS. How could they not have mentioned such a delightful detail? They are coated in faux leather and 3 square inch studs, making them current, fashion forward, and certainly not for 8-year-olds.

If you're interested in owning these amazing things, you may have to join Shoedazzle in order to follow the link and order them. But trust me - there's lots of fun to be had. Happy dazzling!