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H&M blazer (old) and fur stole, Club Monaco top (old), J.Crew belt and jeans, Tory Burch flats, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag, Michael Kors watch, Bracelets: J.Crew, Jewelmint, Nadri, F21, Nails: Essie Borrowed & Blue and Mint Candy Apple

Before heading to New Jersey for Christmas, I panicked about not being warm enough so I picked up this faux fur stole at H&M. I loved not only the price ($17.95!) but also the fact that it can be layered over almost anything - in 20 or 60 degree weather. It remained glued to the collar of my wool coat to keep me cozy on the east coast, and now I'm loving it over SoCal winter friendly outfits, like this pastel ensemble which features my favorite blush blazer plucked straight from my spring wardrobe. As you know, I'm usually more of a dark neutrals girl but it sure is nice to soften things up a bit every now and then.


Lifestylin' Lady of Business: Mintwich's Jordan Peister


Never underestimate the perfection of a designer's personal style. I didn't meet Jordan Peister of Mintwich Graphic Design until after we had been working together for months on the killer 16-page brochure she designed for me. I'll admit, I wasn't very prepared for our meeting at Lemonade on Abbott Kinney. When deciding what to wear that morning, I thought "eh whatever - it's Venice" and threw on an oversized t-shirt and jeans. Jordan's entrance into the restaurant's double glass doors was straight out of a movie. She was rocking a super flattering and crisp navy day dress, heels, a meticulous smokey eye, her beach blond waves blowing in the breeze (just go with it). This is a girl who knows how to dress, and always takes the opportunity to do so elegantly - whether she's off to a client meeting or enjoying the ocean air near her beachside home. Her personal style is much like her designs - classic and clean with a modern, feminine touch.

Jordan's Style

Name 3 items in your wardrobe you cannot live without. 1. A great pair of heels: my nude patent Stuart Weitzman peep-toes are my absolute favorite. I don’t like being matchy-matchy, so I love wearing them with a black dress for evening or a casual shirtdress for day. The best part? They are unusually comfortable!

2. A coat that goes from day to night: My ultra-girlie Anthropologie winter white ruffle collar coat does just that. It’s a cozy swing coat that dresses up any outfit.

3. A unique purse that goes with everything. I can’t handle lugging around a big bag so my Laker yellow ostrich leather satchel is my perfect size. It was also hand made by Beth Springer in Venice, CA!

How would you describe your style? Creative, preppy, classic, feminine, structured. I like to blend timeless with modern. Though I tend to always be overdressed in dresses and heels, I don’t mind it.

What was your last fashion purchase? This red/turquoise silk tank dress from Tibi. It was perfect for summer and now I can pair it with black tights and these Gucci ankle boots for Fall.

What’s currently on your wish list? I’ve been craving the perfect pair of spat boots for like 5 years now, I think these are definitely my style if the heel was higher. This faux fur vest or this fur bolero is over the top! I want! Back to reality though, I think I need this military inspired button coat. Even though I live in Southern California, I am obsessed with winter coats!

If you could only shop at one store, or from one designer, what would it be? Most don’t believe that I actually loathe going to a store to shop, so I have to say I think you could say I have a talent of knowing whether something will fit me just by looking at the style online. At shopbop, there is always something feminine with an edge that I have to have.

What item(s) do you rely on most in your day-to-day business endeavors? My accessories; an oversized watch, a cocktail ring or cuff bracelet can glam up any outfit. I also always need a splash of unexpected color or sparkle, which are usually my shoes.

Leather or lace? Leather; purses, boots, jackets, the trim on my favorite black pants – yes!

Red lips or smokey eye? Smokey eyes; I wear eggplant, charcoal, chocolate brown eye shadow whether it’s day or night. Mom always says, “play up the eyes.”

Who or what inspires your style? Tory Burch for her classic but eclectic edge, Gwen Stefani for obvious reasons, and my grandma – she has always been my style icon for wearing chic, figure-flattering dresses. I am a lover of pretty things so anything that makes me swoon inspires my style.

Photo by Julian Dufort

Get Her Look

Jordan's classic modern style is the perfect blend of current trends and  have-forever pieces. Get inspired with a few ideas based on her wardrobe and want list.

Jordan Peister




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Fashion Feng Shui: Styling Element Breakdown

I figured it might be time for our next lesson in Fashion Feng Shui 101. I know I keep talking about honoring your essence with your clothes, but I haven't exactly told you how to do that. I talked about the 5 elements and their archetypes. Now, I'll tell you how the elements manifest themselves through fabrics, colors, and style concepts. There are countless ways we can dress our essence and bring the other elements in to honor our intentions (what we want to bring into our lives), our environment (what our lives demand of us), and our appearance (our features that we want to flatter). I'll get more into those details in later posts, but in the meantime, I'm going to show you the basics of the elements through clothing and accessories.

WATER - The Philosopher

Mantra Words: Unique. Creative. Offbeat. Intelligent. Fabrics: Flowy or sheer fabrics like chiffon, sheer silk, and organza. Colors: Deep cool tones like black, deep blue, or dark purple. Styles: Asymetrical shapes like a one shoulder design, ethnic prints, gathering or rouching, reflective touches, and anything that goes "against the grain." Designers/Brands: Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Prada

WOOD - The Pioneer

Mantra Words: Move. Grow. Activity. Fabrics: Anything movable, non-fussy, and plant based, like cotton, jersey, linen, gauze, and denim. Colors: Fresh bright colors like marine blue and kelly green. Styles: Sporty, preppy, hippy, floral prints, or vertical stripes. Designers/Brands: J. Crew, Patagonia, Missoni, Polo Ralph Lauren, Martin + Osa

EARTH - The Peacemaker

Mantra Words: Nurture. Grounded. Comfort. Classic. Fabrics: Cozy and comfy, textured fabrics, tweed, raw silk, piqué. Colors: Earthy tones like brown, khaki, sage, and warm colors like yellow and orange. Styles: Boxy shapes, traditional or classic styles, plaid prints, "school girl." Designers/Brands: Gap, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch

FIRE - The Pleasure Seeker

Mantra Words: Fun. Captivating. Dramatic. Attention Getting. Fabrics: Anything that comes from an animal (or the faux versions) including wool, silk, and leather, attention getting fabrics like lamé, spandex, or sequin. Colors: Reds, purples, pinks, and anything really bright like neon, or jewel tones. Styles: Triangular shapes, dramatic trends, animal print, v-necks, anything that reveals your assets. Designers/Brands: Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Zara, Topshop

METAL - The Perfectionist

Mantra Words: Luxury. Elegant. Class. Perfection. Details. Fabrics: Anything high quality and luxurious like cashmere, polished fabrics with a slight sheen, metallics. Colors: Ivory, white, silver, gold, creamy pastels. Styles: Anything classy, elegant, polished, and luxurious. True metals tend to stay away from prints, but round shapes like polka dots have a lot of metal energy. Nothing flashy or cheap. Designers/Brands: Chanel, Gucci, YSL, J. Crew, Banana Republic

Now, let me make a very important disclaimer: if you think you've decided which essence you are, but wouldn't wear all the clothes I've shown for that element, do not feel like you have to second guess your essence. The reality is most pieces do have more than one element present, and each one of us has different motivations for our personal style because of our intentions, environment, or appearance. For example, maybe your essence is Earth but you don't like to wear the Earthy yellows and oranges. Maybe it's because your body coloring is more cool, so your appearance come into play and steers you away from warmer colors. That's totally OK. In that case, you would use one of the other ways to make sure your Earth is present, like a classic style or boxy jacket and wear it in shades that flatter you better. You don't have to have ALL of the aspects of an element present in order to honor your essence. It might just be in the fabric, color, style, or print.

You know those outfits you put on and just feel like a dud in, or something's not right - chances are it's bescause your essence is missing. When you remember to honor who you are on the inside with what you wear on the outside, that's how you will be most comfortable, happy, and in your element!