Currently Coveting: Personalized Cuteness of iomoi

We've all felt the slight panic that comes over you when a good friend, family member, coworker, mailman, or favorite barista has a birthday or wedding coming up. What on earth to get them as a gift that effortlessly says "I know you so well"? There's the obvious/impersonal gift card which is a trusty method of giving them what they want, but not-so-subtly brings attention to how much you spent, or the perfume she's been eyeing but may or may not have already purchased for herself. When you're spending some money on a gift, you want to feel like you can get them the perfect treat that says "I chose this unique treasure specifically for you." When there's no other obvious idea that jumps out, I'm a big fan of personalized presents. From Post-It notes to boat totes, anything with the giftee's monogram or name on it shows you went the extra mile in ordering something special for them, and tends to become a staple item in his/her life.

Canvas Bags, $88-148

Where can we find such perfectly personal gifts, you ask? Look no further. is your new go-to gift shop for all things adorable, eclectic, and custom. The website was originally created as a way to send "hand written" notes on cute e-stationery over the internet, but their keen design eye has grown them into to selling customized items like totes, pillows, trays, ice buckets, coasters, and paper stationery. Each piece comes in a plethora of design choices, and doesn't have the "just swapped in my initials" look that many personalized items tend to have. Here are some noteworthy pieces from the collection, and just a few of many fabulous design options....


Canvas Pillows, $58-78


Canvas designs for totes and pillows.


Lucite Trays, $100+



Stationery, $68+

Granted most of the customized items fall in a price range that might be considered a bit on the high side for the less monumental gift-giving occasions, but there is also a selection of non-custom but equally cute items that go all the way down to around $10, such as the packs of pencils that come in a variety of solid colors - perfect for that cute glass cup on your desk, in the colors of your office decor of course.


Coasters, $28


Pencils, $12

Of all the gifts a person can receive, I don't know who wouldn't want one of iomoi's modern, clever, one-of-a-kind pieces... and who says the recipient has to be someone other than your cute self?