Old is New


20130511-IMG_0193-Edit-1We're all guilty of it. You go to your closet to piece together an outfit that will hopefully make you feel like a new woman but everything seems to have a big red 'X' on it. You've been wearing the same four things in rotation (likely the last four things you bought) but you know you can't reach for those yet again. It's time to dig a little and give your old clothes a chance to reemerge. When you mix the old with the new, the old becomes new again. This bleached cotton jacket is the epitome of that. I have held onto it since I bought it in 2002 after I had come back from studying abroad in Italy and was obsessed with all things Diesel. It might be the oldest non-vintage thing in my closet. I used to wear it everyday to class with boot cut jeans, sneakers, and graphic tees - what a different time that was. Today it's fun to reinvent it by pairing it with a more sophisticated, styled ensemble - a full mix of old and new. These 3.1. Phillip Lim shorts are a few years old and they've been through the ringer, but quality always lasts. I love them with a featherlight silk tee loosely tucked, a glam statement necklace to add texture, structure, and sparkle, and a lemon purse from Coach's Legacy collection - their own nod to favorite old styles.



20130511-IMG_0203 20130511-IMG_0249Diesel jacket, Gold Hawk top, 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts, Coach purse, Spike the Punch necklace, Shoemint shoes, Michael Kors watch, Low Luv ring
Photography by Ian Sheppard

Winter Walk


Even though I live in LA where the typical winter day involves temps that hover in the 70's, I happen to be a girl who enjoys the cold - within reason, of course. I love to have a hibernation period in the year to eat soup, cozy up with a blanket, drink red wine, layer, and have an excuse to avoid leaving the house. I don't get much of those excuses here, but I took the opportunity to soak up every bit of the crisp air (followed by delicious hot beverages) when I was in Minnesota. I was so excited to finally have a chance to wear the wool All Saints coat I picked up on major sale at the end of the season last year and my new favorite snood from J.Crew which adds a nice pop of pattern to my darker toned winter outerwear (which in LA is usually a leather jacket). Secretly, I'm still a little sad that the holidays came and went so fast. But the year has gotten off to such a great start, all there is to do is keep up with the fast pace of 2013. Can you believe we're already almost done with January?

All Saints coat, Topshop hat, J.Crew scarf and pants, Shoemint boots, Equipment blouse, gloves from Rue La La

Today's look is also featured on the brand new Rue Daily by Rue Magazine! I am in love with the new site. Be sure to head over there and check it out!

Photos by Ian Sheppard