Tangerine Bourbon Sidecar

Even though I fancy myself a cocktail person, I am the first to admit that I get a little lazy when it comes to an impromptu at-home happy hour. Even with a fully stocked bar, I typically reach for a bottle of wine and call it a day. But it's SO fun to play around with cocktails, and the best part is that you really don't need to have a lot of fancy stuff. Sometimes when the mood strikes or an unexpected celebration (that surprise promotion or a meeting that went better than you possibly could have hoped), putting those basic mixology chops to use just feels appropriate. Now that temps have fallen and fall is officially upon us, I like to trade the tequila of summer for cozier bourbon. The best part is that it pairs so well with citrus juices, like this Tropicana Premium Tangerine Lemonade, garnished with some thyme and some mandarins we had in the kitchen. See below for this simple recipe!


2 oz Tropicana Premium Tangerine Lemonade

1.5 oz bourbon

.5 oz Cointreau

Stevia drops or sweetener of your choice

Generous lemon wedge

Tangerine wedge (or mandarin, clementine, Cutie, Pixie... whatever you have)

Tangerine slice and thyme sprig for garnish

In a shaker combine tangerine lemonade, bourbon, Cointreau, sweetener (this one doesn't need much - just a drop or two), and ice. Shake and pour into a glass. Squeeze the lemon and tangerine wedges on the top. Garnish with tangerine slice and thyme sprig. Enjoy!

Sponsored by Tropicana.

Photography by Ashley Burns

Fall Mood

Ask anyone in LA about the weather this past week and you'll be met with an eye roll, or maybe even some tears. There's no reason for 100 degree heat in late October, no reason at all. But there's hope for us. Today marks the first day in at least 10 days of actual fall temperatures in the forecast and I feel like maybe I finally can put away the summer dresses I have no desire to see again til June. This Joie number is worthy of regular rotation these next few months. The length is perfect for ankle boots and the colors are exactly what I want to be wearing everyday. It would be perfect for family holiday photos or Thanksgiving. It's proving to be hard to find at this point, but I linked some equally perfect dresses down below. Give me all the moody floral dresses this fall!

Dress / Bag / Boots

Photography by Ashley Burns


Bar Makeover

I posted a couple of months ago in my Instagram story about giving our wet bar a makeover. My mom was here (aka, project time) and we were painting away. It might be a bit delayed, but I'm finally sharing the completed bar! We went back and forth for months about how exactly to do this. It always started with the "quick coat of paint" idea but would immediately spiral into "well what if we can just get new counter tops and add a wine fridge" and then "well, it should match our future kitchen design and the plans for the family room that it's in" and before you know it, I literally thought that I needed to design every last detail of the entire ground floor of our house in order spruce up this bar. That's the story of home projects, isn't it? Eventually we took a chill pill (do people still say that?) and decided to do that "quick coat of paint version" until we are able to figure out the rest of the factors. So that's how we gave this bar a makeover for about $150. Here's how we did it.

Before, it looked like this:

Well, without those black and white paint swatches. Those came when we started to plan this mini makeover but I will admit they stayed there for a good month or two before we moved on to the next steps. We finally decided to just stick to the same color we've been using for everything else (Simply White by Benjamin Moore which is a slightly warmer true white) in a semi gloss. It pained me to keep the same counter tops but I thought with some copper accents and a bit more of an earthy vibe, this color could actually work. My plan is to eventually redo the entire cabinet and shelves up top, but for now we just removed the top doors and sawed off the divider in the middle to create the look of open shelving. Then it was just a matter of swapping out the handles, which I got from Anthropologie and styling the shelves! Super easy. Now that the poop smeared cabinets are out of the picture, we can move this full reno to the bottom of the list.