Friday Links


Will you look at that - it's Friday! This week flew by because I've been a busy bee, and in my spare moments I've been rapidly catching up on both seasons of Scandal. Help, I can't stop! Speaking of things I'm obsessed with, I'm starting a new series on the blog where I'll be sharing a list of random things each week that interest me and that I think you might be interested in too. Little things that don't necessarily fit into another post but that I still want to mention. It could be anything from a fashion trend I'm not sure about, an app that's changed my life, a new recipe, a blog I'm into, etc. I love seeing what other little things people are noticing, considering, obsessing over, and I hope you do too! So here we go with Round 1...

I would be completely lost without Teux Deux, a daily list making app that keeps me in check everyday.

I'm contemplating Tom Sawyer suspenders for summer. Would you rock em?

This song is my guilty pleasure of late.

Everyone and their mother seems to be stock piling these minimal Zara sandals in every color, but I found them to be very ill fitting. Have you tried them?

Say goodbye to those stacks of magazines dating back to October 2010. I don't know what I did before Next Issue. It's especially nice for plane rides - my travel tote has never been so light yet full of fun reading!

Fascinating e-mails from Steve Jobs that show how to win a tough negotiation.

I have been searching high and low for long flowing caftans for summer like the ones by Camilla Franks (which are only available in Australia and very pricey) but there seems to be a national drought on good affordable caftans. It's a problem. Anyone know something I don't know?

I adore this tour of Max and Margaux's nursery for little Dash. The baby elephant is too precious.


Enjoy this first official June weekend!

Photo: Coco Rocha in Flare Magazine