Tail Feathers


If you are ever feeling down, wear feathers. They lift you up. Literally. This glorious one-of-a-kind skirt has been staring me right in the face from the front rack at Shareen Vintage for awhile now, and I have never been able to get it out of my head. It calls my name. "Caaaatherine. Take me home. Wear me on your trips to Trader Joe's. Do SOMETHING with me." So I did, and for some reason that something just had to be to mix it with prep school inspired pieces in all white. Sometimes that's how it happens - with no rhyme or reason but with a strong force. When that happens, there's no looking back. There's only one thing left to do - make it a reality. Except for maybe the part about Trader Joe's.

Shareen feather skirt, J.Crew shirt, tie, tie clip, vintage bracelet, Enzo Angiolini shoes, ADA belt, La Rok broach
 Photos by Ian Sheppard