Wood Party: A Picnic Excursion


Who needs a fancy dinner when the great outdoors are calling? Nothing is more appealing to an active Wood than a party that involves "doing" so turn your outdoor activities into a special occasion with a little extra planning. I'd plan a picnic shore lunch for a sunny summer day spent floating down a river casting for fish with my husband or a handful of adventurous friends. Don't have a canoe or fishing rods?  Just check the Internet for canoe rental vendors (usually for a specific river) or an outdoor goods store, such as REI, where you can rent gear for the day.  You can also always just go for a hike in local nature preserve if your party is more impromptu than planned.

The Decor: You'll need to be able to easily trek along with items in tow or consolidate space in your canoe so that you have room to snag a few fish.  A collapsible picnic basket and fold up "furniture" make it easy to pack in and pack out.  Eco-friendly water bottles and plates let you eat lunch with ease and style. Don't forget to bring a compass or map in case you take a wrong turn!

The Playlist: Let's be honest...you don't need a playlist when you have the sounds of water rushing and birds chirping.

The Outfit: Wear a preppy but comfortable combo of tank top and button down shirt plus a change of shoes to ensure that you're ready for whatever weather the day holds. Opt for a stylish and funky head scarf, like this now-iconic Alexander McQueen, instead of a hat and trade your purse for a fold up tote to stash away those spare clothes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must!

The Menu: With no refrigerator and no serving trays, you'll have to be simple and sensible about food. Since you don't want to carry around extra garbage when you're done, food that requires minimum wrapping is ideal. Your picnic lunch might include:

  • Thai Peanut Chicken wraps
  • Crunchy Asian slaw
  • Sliced apples and watermelon
  • Home made trail mix
  • S'more bars

The Signature Drink: Besides packing plenty of water, you'll want a refreshing bev for lunch and maybe for the canoe too (I mean, this is a party afterall). A fusion of mojito-meets-marg-meets-G&T fits the bill:

Watermelon Gin Fizz 1 1/2-2 shots gin 6-8 chunks watermelon, pureed 1 tsp sugar splash water 1/2 of a lime handful of mint leaves splash of seltzer

Place mint, sugar and water in the bottom of a glass and muddle well. Squeeze excess liquid from mint leaves and discard. Add gin. Puree watermelon in a food processor or blender and add puree to the glass. Squeeze in the lime juice and add a splash of seltzer. Add ice if you're at home.

NOTE: Recipe is for one but you can multiply it for a group and taste test. You'll want to prepare this ahead of time and put it in a Thermos without ice. If you have a cooler with ice, it should chill itself but if not, try partially freezing it the night before you leave to keep it cold and slushy. You could also freeze the watermelon before you puree them to create "ice" that won't water down your drink.

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