The Art of the List

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If you're a metal like me, chances are you LOVE to make lists. There's something so satisfying about sorting through all your thoughts, writing each one down as you go, and coming out of your thinking sesh with a clearcut plan of what needs to happen. Lists are what make my world go round. Whether it's To Do's, blog post ideas, shot lists for photo shoot days, groceries, home projects, I have a constant list going for it. One thing that stays true throughout all my list making though is that I like to do it with apps. I used to love writing them out on sheets of paper, but then I would lose them or not have them with me when I needed them. A list would also start to feel too cluttered after a few things were crossed off (I'm just a little crazy). But with apps, there are all sorts of cool features that make your lists even more amazing for everyday life. So without further ado, here are my top 3 list apps!

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Trello. This is the mother of all list apps! You can keep separate "boards" of different categories of life, each filled with as many lists as you want. I have one board for my personal stuff, one for The Life Styled, and a family one which is shared with Ian and we can both edit. On my board for work, I'll keep lists for urgent To Do's, less urgent To Do's, blog post ideas, shot list. You can access it on your phone and computer, customize the colors and backgrounds, and easily check things off when you do them. It can also go even more in depth than that, so this app would be amazing for business owners who juggle a lot of different clients and have a lot of To Do's for each client.

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Wunderlist. The best for shopping lists. Ian and I both use it for groceries, Target trips, etc. It's updated in real time as you each check things off, so we can both be in different parts of the grocery store working off of the same list. Or one of us can run to the store while the other one is going through the kitchen and adding things to the list. It's a GAME CHANGER. You can do this with Trello too but I think it's slicker in Wunderlist because checking things off is a bit quicker. One thing Wunderlist is good with is deadlines and prioritizing since there are settings you can utilize to make sure you get things done on time, so if you're using it for To Do's, it works well for that too. I just don't use it for that.

Amazon Alexa & Echo - I hesitate to include Alexa in this roundup because the app itself isn't great. There's a lot going on, and it's confusing. BUT since we got our Echo, my number one favorite feature is being able to be in the kitchen making breakfast, using up the last of the peanut butter, and immediately being able to say "Alexa add peanut butter to the shopping list," with messy hands and no phone in site. It means that our list is always up to date and we never have to worry that we're forgetting that we're out of something when we get to the store. That part is so awesome, it's worth abandoning Wunderlist for the grocery list.

Honorable mention: TeuxDeux. This used to be my go-to app for everything. It's super simple, organized by the days of the week. But I admit I had to abandon it when I found the others and because it wasn't syncing up between phone and computer.

Am I missing any? I'd love to hear about your favorite ways to make lists!

Photography by Ashley Burns