The Boys' Club


Tomboy Inspiration

Borrowing from the boys is not a new concept by any means, but lately it feels particularly right. With everything from oversized watches and slouchy jeans to dapper oxfords and varsity jackets, you can't throw a football without hitting a dude inspired trend these days. The male species tends to focus on comfort by nature, so I'm perfectly happy playing around with some manly pieces. The best part is it's so easy to combine the different categories in the look. For example, pair a mens work shirt with a baseball cap and sneakers and you've got an instantly clever combo without looking too themey or masculine. Play around, mix and match. This one is sure to stick around like a good boyfriend.

The Boys Club

LOOK 1: Topshop varsity jacket, LnA pants, Michael Kors watch, Common Projects slip-on sneakers, LOOK 2: Equipment shirt, J.Crew jeans, J.Crew baseball hat, Asos loafers, LOOK 3: BOSS shirt, Joseph trousers, Simon Carter cufflinks, Timeless oxfords, LOOK 4: Forever21 Batman tee, Designers Remix pants, Givenchy card case, Zara sneakers
Images via Madewell's Fall 2013 Lookbook
This post was in collaboration with The Life Styled intern Alex