The Etsy Elite

etsyRow 1: Emily McDowell stationary / Bellopop matchboxes / The Big Harumph pencils / Row 2: Lucy Haus antler rack / Gallivanting Girls vintage arrows / Heritage 1956 brass deer skull / Row 3: Clover Hunter lips clutch / Lisa Golightly champagne bell (it actually rings!) / Tokyo Factory bath set

In this blog and Pinterest driven world of style inspiration gone wild, sometimes we need a little one-of-a-kind relief. That's why I'm excited to launch a new series called The Etsy Elite, which will highlight the very best of all those unique, quirky finds we love hunting for on Etsy.  Today we start with this fresh spring collection of items that are going to have you craving a little snail mail treat from one (or all) of these shops to add a little zest to your home or wardrobe. Not only is it fun to have everyone asking "where did you get that awesome thing?" but it's extra cool to support artists and small businesses. A win-win all around!