The Etsy Elite

Etsy-Elite-7Row 1:  Layered + Long necklace / La Fabrique a Lettres design / Little Flower Soap Co. bath set / Row 2: Kate Zaremba Company wallpaper / Lee Coren make-up bag / Seedling Plantation serving bowl / Row 3: The Object Enthusiast ring dish / Gray December measuring cups / Tocamade ear pin

Layered + Long - A simple, stylish jewelry shop that offers customization for special gifts

La Fabrique a Lettres - Letters and figures made of fencing materials from France

Little Flower Soap Co - All natural soaps, lip balms, bath salts, and more, made with only the highest quality ingredients

Kate Zaremba - Prints and papers made from original designs from this DC based artist

Lee Coren - Escapism inspired fabric prints made into everyday usable pieces

Seedling Plantation - A collection of vintage pieces that put an emphasis on pretty

The Object Enthusiast -  Handmade dishes, potters, and other ceramics with a golden touch

Gray December - Hand painted pottery for the quirky ones

Tocamade - Modern and delicate jewelry from Spain