The Etsy Elite


Row 1:  A Bright Black 3D light study / Gem & Blue gold and moonstone earring wrap / Hodi Home Decor hand hook / Row 2: Loopy Lolly deer print / Mr Vinyls record wall clock / Pigeon Toe Ceramics horn handle jar / Row 3: 3 Dimensional Drawings stegosaurus / First Shelter throw quilt / Panselinos pendant cage lamp

A Bright Black - Geometric home decor from Portland

Gem & Blue - Handmade, high quality jewelry with a minimalist feel

Hodi Home Decor - Faux taxidermy and colorful decor by Australian artist Julia Reid

Loopy Lolly - Whimsical images inspired by victorian England

Mr Vinyls - A shop dedicated to all things vinyl, including storage, decor, and framing

Pigeon Toe Ceramics - A shop that redefines the aesthetics of everyday pieces

3 Dimensional Drawings - Individually made wire sculptures

First Shelter - Heirloom modern quilts made from organic cotton

Panselinos - Modern handmade decor and jewelry from Greece