The Perfect Top

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This top! Last year I got my hands on the dress version and almost didn't keep it because it was quite voluminous and short, but once I started wearing it I couldn't believe I almost returned it. So this year, the top version came into my life and it's honestly the BEST for a night out when you want to eat a steak but you don't want to have to suck in all night. You want to feel like you got dressed up but also be able to throw it in the wash later. You don't want to change out of your ripped jeans but you can't wear the holey t-shirt you wore for errands all day to République. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Good. I recommend you go get this or one of MLM's similar versions now.

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Fashion Feng Shui notes: This top has a lot of fire energy for its dramatic amount of fabric and wind blowing capacity. It's definitely oversized and attention getting. Yet, the wearableness and low maintenance aspects of the cotton bring some wood energy, not to mention the fact that it pairs so well with denim. The flowiness of the ruffles brings some water and it's a tiny gingham pattern which is earth if you wanna get technical, but I'm giving it mostly to fire and wood. Such a good top if you have a fire intention or you're a wood essence and you need something for going out at night.

If you're in LA, have you signed up for my Fashion Feng Shui workshop on June 17? Join me!

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Photography by Ashley Burns