To The Dogs


Considering that I am both a dog person and a fashion person (each on an obsessive level), one might think that I put a lot of time and energy into my dogs' style. But up until recently, I'll admit that I was lagging a bit. Maybe I felt that our first pup Kenzie wasn't all that materialistic, or maybe I hadn't found the right places to look. Whatever the case, since little Emmy came into our lives this April, I seem to have a renewed interest in scouring for the right accessories and toys for our pups. Kenzie, our  miniature golden doodle F1B (which means she's 1/2 mini poodle, 1/2 standard golden doodle) is our first family pet and has brought so much joy into our lives since we got her 5 years ago. She's an extrovert and needed a sister to play with, so that's where Emmy came in - we were told that she is a cockapoo but we're not sure. She seems to have other qualities - perhaps a little Maltese or Havanese in there somewhere.

One thing that has been fun with two dogs is distinguishing between their unique personalities. While Kenzie is demure, playful, nurturing, and a little nerdy, Emmy is more of a firecracker and she loves to be the center of attention. They are two different dogs, and it's important to me that their fun little dog things reflect their individuality. I'll never forget when I tried putting a black leather studded collar on Kenzie - it was my personal favorite (perfect if the collar was for me), but it was just so wrong on Kenzie and I had to return it immediately. The most important style rules we try to follow as humans certainly translate to dogs too - stay true to yourself.

Doggie Style

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Photos: 1. Instagram, 2. Sarah Yates