Fall-Transition-RecoveredCleobella fringe jacket / Gucci crossbody / Rails button down / Tom Ford lipstick / Rag & Bone jeans /  Adidas sneakers / Clu sweater dress / Urban Decay palette / Correll Correll dress / NYU tee / Topshop skirt / Acne jensen booties / Madewell wool hat

Here we are again. The September curse in LA: the yearly heat wave that rubs our lack of charming fall crispness in our faces, to make up for the happy dance we get to do in January-March while everyone else in the country is miserably cold. I hate September in LA! Everything in stores is so cute and layery and cozy, while we're sweating in 100 degree heat and so over our summer clothes. But there IS a style for this weird time of year. It's a good time to rock some lighter weight pieces that still have a fall vibe, and throw in some of those other special things that feel awkward during other times of the year (white leather booties, anyone?). Plus it's not too early to bring in a few things that will take us to cooler times. Here's the checklist for right now, girls:

Fringed Jacket - Though a little too heavy for summer, this piece makes the top of the transition list and elevates any simple shift dress to ultimate cool-girl status

Tan Crossbody -  Instead of taking the easy route of a black bag, swap in a tan one that comfortably goes with your lighter shades now while still working with navy and blacks later

Non-Flannel Flannel - Keep your cool in the print you love without the worry of getting sweaty in the traditionally heavy flannel. Tie it around your waist with ripped jeans and tees now, and wear it buttoned up when it gets cooler.

Darker Nude Lipstick - Nude lipstick is always going to be chic but something about this darker version feels so right with all the 90's trends we're filtering through this season.

Ripped Black Skinnies - Prepare to live in these for the next few months.  The easiest companion of tee shirts and sweaters with just about any shoe you own.

Fresh Sneakers - Wether you're getting ready to run across campus or just feel like it's time to cover those toes, a clean pair of sneakers is going to be your favorite not-so-fancy footwear.

Sweater Dress - The slouchier the better with this one.  Super easy to wear with those sneakers we just talked about you getting or layered with a scarf and boots when the real chill sets in.

Smokey Eye Palette - As your wardrobe evolves to darker hues, allow your makeup to take a darker turn as well and snatch all the colors you need in one buy. I'm definitely eyeing this new Naked palette from Urban Decay (see what I did there?).

Lightweight Black Dress - The harshest color to wear in the sun takes a featherweight twist that won't cause heatstroke by 3pm.

Chunky Jewelry - the heat of the summer usually makes heavy jewelry pieces feel like too much of a burden. But now a chunky ring or cuff can make a breezy dress feel a bit more substantial for fall.

School Tee - Does anything make more sense for fall? Even if you're not skipping through a quad this month, it's always fun to rep your school.

Dark Midi Skirt - This sleek navy one is perfect to pair with a crisp white tank now or a slouchy turtleneck later.

White Booties - Pull out those boots that have been shoved in the back of your closet all summer, it's time to show them the light again.  These white ones from Acne are the coolest way to transition into wearing boots again without feeling too dark too quick.

Baseball Hat - It's still baseball season (does it really ever end?) and the humidity isn't helping the hair situation. Instead of your go-to floppy fedora, opt for a wool baseball cap to keep it all effortless and under control.