Trench Vest

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Before living in SoCal, I never understood trends that negated the original purpose of the garment: backless sweaters, peep toe booties, vest jackets. They made zero sense for the extreme hot or extreme cold temps we often experienced in NYC or Minnesota. A trench vest sounded like a cute idea, but never would have gotten worn when it came down to it. This piece may not do a whole lot to keep me warm in colder temps, but it DOES add a layer and some interest to an outfit. And I'm a girl who loves to layer (I get depressed when it's too hot to keep adding more clothes), so I perked up when I saw this one. I love that it makes a simple t-shirt and jeans feel more like a styled look, and could also work just as well over a summery dress and sandals.

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Vest / Shirt (from the NYU bookstore but this site sells cool worn-in college tees) / Jeans / Boots / Hat (love this straw version of it for summer) / Bag (totally want it in navy and gray too) / Watch

Photography by Heather Kincaid