Tuck Hotel

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Often times when people ask me about good hotels to stay at in LA, I kind of draw a blank. As a local, I always hear the names of places and have been in the lobby bar of a few of them, but how many hotels have I actually seen a room in? Probably about 3. That tells me I need more staycations! So when my friend Molly Schoneveld from This Yuppie Life invited me to come check out the new Tuck Hotel downtown with her, I jumped at the chance. If the color palette of the decor is any indication, this place is right up my alley! It's a small, quiet spot which in my opinion is exactly what you want in a hotel, but offers a nice bar (only open to guests) and a chic yet laid back restaurant which serves amazing bites.

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Molly and I met a few months ago at an event but I had known her blog which I discovered when I was searching Pinterest for the best boutique hotels in San Francisco (answer: The Battery if you can afford it, Hotel G if you can't - we stayed at Hotel G on our recent trip). Molly had done an aweseome roundup about the former for her Stylish Stays series, and I immediately loved her tell-it-like-it-is approach to chic hotels and fashion. Follow her if you don't already! She's a gem! Thanks for having me along for the ride, Molly! 3R1A2887 copy

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Dress is old Alice & Olivia but Shopbop has some great alternatives. Shoes are old too from BNKR.  Clutch is this one.

Photography by Ashley Burns