Warning: Heightened Obsession

After I showed you a few of my October Favorites, some buzz started to flow in about the American Apparel circle scarf. People who have tried it, people who wanted to try it... everyone seemed to be talking about it. So, as a follow up, I decided to sit down and watch the video about the different ways to wear it. Here I was raving about it, and I had only actually tried the long and short scarf, and capelet versions. Today, I had to know: Can you really wear this scarf as a dress? So, I tried the one-shoulder design, and here's how it turned out, belted and unbelted:

My verdict: Gold star! Forming the scarf into a dress was a cinch - took all about about 30 seconds. It's amazing how much fabric is actually there. With a belt, it's structured and sophisticated, fit for day or night. Without, it's a Grecian hipster frock that could totally see you to a swank evening event. If worn right, this thing honestly looks like it could have been a $395 Elizabeth and James creation. For $28, this scarf is a full on must have!

So tell me - how are you wearing it?