Wedding Style: Tips for the Five Elemental Brides

Now that we're starting to get a handle on basics of elemental style, I thought I'd kick off the actual fashion portion by sharing the article I just wrote for the Fashion Feng Shui Wardrobe WisdomMail Ezine on wedding style! Enjoy... Every year, as soon as the sun comes out and the temperature warms up, the scent of fresh flowers and wedding cake fill the air! Summer certainly is the season for weddings, and as a recent bride myself, I learned that your wedding is not only about marrying the man of your dreams, but showcasing your personal style in every possible outlet. Here are my tips for the five elemental brides...


The Dress: Waters will really hit the mark in an offbeat frock with asymmetrical detail, like a one-shoulder neckline or Grecian gathering. Ooze water energy in a dress that flows around you as you float down the aisle in a fabric like chiffon, organza, or sheer silk.

Bridesmaids: Philosophers are the first to understand that it’s not fun to be told exactly what to wear, and they certainly wouldn’t want to be sporting the same exact dress as a handful of other girls – where’s the creativity in that? So, do your bridesmaids a favor and let them choose their own style. Give them a color or palette, fabric, and/or designer to work from, and let them do the rest.

Color Palette: Have fun playing with the eccentric and unexpected! Think of rare palettes like blue and gray, or aqua and cranberry.

Planning Tip: Let your wedding be the perfect time to showcase your creativity, and don’t let anyone talk you into doing it the way it’s “supposed” to be done!


The Dress: Make sure your dress allows you to move throughout your active day without restriction – especially for dancing! You’ll want to avoid over styled heavy dresses, or anything too floofy. Pioneers might love a simple sporty shape like a tank dress, in a light one-layer fabric, or a subtle floral print.

Bridesmaids: Allow your girls to relax in fun movable fabrics like cotton, linen, or jersey. For an extra touch of style, look for dresses with a flower appliqué or give them each some fresh flowers for their hair!

Color Palette: Different shades of blues and greens would dazzle, or why not play with preppy color combos like pink and green? Don’t forget the grosgrain ribbon!

Planning Tip: Pioneers tend to always be thinking about what’s going to come next. Be sure to stop to take it all in, and enjoy your day!


The Dress: The Peacemaker will love a timeless dress with touches of sentiment and nostalgia. A fun option is to take the wedding dress of your mother or another family member, cut off those long puffy sleeves, and turn it into an updated style that’s perfect for you. Any dress with traditional or vintage elements would create the perfect look for your wedding day.

Bridesmaids: Stick with classic styles in a fabric of the season, or silk dupioni, which comes in every color imaginable and gives off a lot of earth energy with its nubby texture.

Color Palette: Deeper earth tones like bronze, browns, and burnt orange will create a warm atmosphere in fall or winter. Go brighter with coral or orange in the summer.

Planning Tip: Your wedding is a great time to showcase some of your favorite traditions – whether its serving your grandmother’s best recipe or featuring your all time favorite flower, these elements will make you and your guests feel right at home.


The Dress: It’s all about the drama! You’ll definitely want to wear anything that shows off what you’ve got going on. Fun design elements might include a sweetheart neck, a deep V, or totally backless. To accessorize, try a feather hairpiece, and skip the ivory shoes in favor of a bright heel in your color palette. No matter what you wear, you’re a guaranteed head turner on your wedding day!

Bridesmaids: Let them channel your, er their inner diva and wear something fun and fabulous! Try a flamenco style, or something with a dramatic detail like a crumb catcher or oversized appliqué.

Color Palette: Anything bright and intense, no matter the season – like high voltage jewel tones, or sunny yellows!

Planning Tip: Enjoy your time in the spotlight, and make sure you have a great photographer to capture all your close-ups!


The Dress: Elegance is a part of your everyday mantra, so you’ll really need to do it up on your wedding day. You’ll be happiest in something that oozes sophistication - anything in lace, silk, or satin, with impeccable attention to detail, like beading. If you can, skip the sample sales and go straight to a designer boutique – they will give you the best service and make sure your dress is perfect!

Bridesmaids: Something in a creamy, subtle hue like champagne is a classic color for any time of the year, or icy silver would be gorgeous for a winter wedding.

Color Palette: Any color combo that perfectly personifies the season of your wedding will make you Martha Stewart Weddings feature worthy (come on- you know that’s your goal!). If you’re having a black tie wedding, you can’t go wrong with an old Hollywood black and ivory palette.

Planning Tip: It’s all in the details. But in the midst of all the elegance and expectations, don’t get too hung up on perfection – there’s only so much one bride can do to make it go off without a hitch. Can’t let go of perfection? Enlist the help of a professional. Make room in your budget and hire a wedding planner!

Whether you’re getting married in a historic cathedral in front of 350 guests, or eloping at the top of a mountain, the best tip I can give is to make sure your wedding style is a reflection of your authentic self. That’s what will keep people talking about it for years to come.

Happy wedding season!

Click here to see it in the Ezine with my little bio, and an intro by Evana Maggiore, the author of Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing With Intention.