What I Bought in July

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One of my favorite posts to read on other people's blogs are "what I bought this month" posts. I feel like bloggers seem to constantly be shopping and buying new things, and you wonder, "what on earth is that person's clothing budget?" While I do treat myself from time to time like any girl tries to find every opportunity to do, I do have to be budget conscious and am no stranger to needing to get creative in restyling my wardrobe. I reuse MANY things on here, especially accessories, many of which are budget friendly, and I even utilize Rent The Runway's unlimited plan. Also, not all of my disposable income can be spent on fun clothes. Like most people, I have to weigh the importance between a cute new dress and boring kitchen appliances or new pj's for Sailor. I thought it might be interesting to share my monthly purchases on here (specifically the things I haven't already shown unless there's an honorable mention or *staple alert*), so you can see what kinds of things I bought that month. Some are fun, some are more functional. And next month, there might only be about 2 things. We'll see. This roundup is kind of June and July since this is my first time doing one of these posts...

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Janessa Leone Aisley Hat - This is my second Janessa Leone hat and I can't imagine it will be my last. They are all just so perfect, and my wish list is long. I would buy this exact hat in 3 more colors if I could.

Ray-Ban sunnies - I was wearing my icons everyday for over a year, I figured it was time for an updated version. These are similar but different enough that I feel like they bring something new to my collection.

Kristin Ess Cleansing Conditioner - I'm obsessed with all her products, and this might just be my new favorite. Feels like conditioner, but it's a shampoo. Takes some getting used to at first (no lathering, not even a little bit) but it makes my hair so soft without leaving it greasy.

Glossier Super Pack Serums - I'm really into what Glossier has been up to (starting with their branding and packaging). I needed a new serum and my skin can't make up its mind these days. These are so affordable so I thought I would give them a try. It's early to say what they are doing for my skin exactly but I think they're doing what they promised.

Agent Nateur Men's Deodorant - I haven't strayed from this deodorant since I started using it, but there are 3 fragrance versions and I'm a big believer in not buying the exact same product in a row. I like to switch it up as much as I can. I don't love the mens scent as much as I thought I would but I'm not mad at how the black and gold packaging looks on my shelf.

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Boos block - This thing makes my life so much easier. We leave it sitting on the counter at all times so we always have a surface for cutting or prepping. BUT within two weeks this thing started splitting and warping so I think I need to take it back and exchange it. Anyone else ever had this problem with a cutting board?

Crate and Barrel Wine Glasses (2 of each: Tour red, white, and Vineyard pinot noir) - Our wine glass situation is giving me anxiety as we can't seem to commit to a line, or own more than two of any one kind of glass. I guess we're just experimenting until we find our favorites? Or maybe we need multiple different designs. Sigh. Either way, I'm liking all of these. Maybe that's my problem.

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Marysia Swim Bikini - Not the most practical choice of color for a higher end swimsuit but I absolutely love this design and really wanted a white bathing suit, so I used the 4th of July and the fact that I'm a new pool owner as an excuse. It's flattering, good quality, and unique. I kind of want it in black too. Someone keep me away from the internet.

Speedo Goggles - Swimming for cardio is my new jam, so I was thrilled when Tone It Up released a new swim workout to follow. So far so good. Goggles are crucial for this. A kickboard too.

Forever21 Gold Bikini top - I saw this in the store and thought it would be super cute to mix with high waisted bottoms from other suits (black, navy and white polka dots). I was actually impressed with Forever21's swim collection this summer. Lots of nuanced options, and high waisted bikini bottoms too.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What was your favorite thing you bought this month? I might have to do another post on all the things I DIDN'T buy that I'm still dreaming about... [show_shopthepost_widget id="2763348"]

Photography by Ashley Burns