Custom Bridal Styling

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Custom Bridal Styling


A custom bridal styling package including:


- A kickoff FaceTime call to discuss all your inspiration and needs

- A categorized shopping board with 5-10 options for each event: 

        - engagement shoot

        - welcome dinner

- 1 FaceTime meeting to go over the options after you’ve purchased your favorite looks from the list (or elsewhere).

- Text communication to review options along the way

- Follow-up outfit picks to fill in any blanks after the first round.

- Additional shopping list for accessories to pull the looks together after you settle on each main outfit

- Consulting from afar on your bridal look, which includes:

  • providing feedback on the dresses you try on and are narrowing down to find your gown

  • shopping board for accessorizing once you have settled on the dress


- Mood board to show examples of the aesthetic/color scheme/dress style you want your ladies to wear

- Color palette suggestions for moms

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