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This little secret corner of The Life Styled is just for my VIP clients. That means we’ve worked together in the last year, and you’re well on your way to your ideal wardrobe. We’ve been through your closet once or twice, filled it with new things that you’re (hopefully) loving, and you’re starting to have that extra spring in your step when you leave the house in your outfits each day!

But we all know how it goes with fashion. You’re never TRULY done. With each season comes new holes in your collection, new inspiration, questions, and new places and events to show up feeling like you’re the best dressed one in the room. SO, here are the ways we can work together, now that we’re on a roll!


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The best way to update your closet for a new season.

1. Closet Check-In. A one hour consultation at your house to check in with your wardrobe, see what's been working and what hasn't, and make a game plan for your style in the coming months. 

2. Shopping. I will then hand select 50 new pieces that will seamlessly work into your existing wardrobe, and update your look for the current season. I’ll present them to you already styled into 8 different outfits, so you always have looks ready for every occasion this season.

3. Styling session. After your new clothes have arrived, I'll come back over for a one hour session to go through your new purchases and style new looks, so you can put outfits together with confidence all season long. 

4. On-call stylist for 30 days. Text me in the morning when you're getting dressed, prepping for a weekend trip, or trying on all those new clothes you ordered from your list. I'll help you style it on the spot!

5. Special occasion look. I will style a show stopping look for one special occasion this season (with links via your private Pinterest shopping board), so you can be the best dressed guest at the party without having to lift a finger. To be used within 60 days from the second styling session.


$1750 (normally $2500)

* Ends 9/30



NEW for returning clients!

1. Ongoing styling. I’ll be there for every special event: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, your kids’ school events, a special date night, you name it. You’ll be best dressed for every event, and your wardrobe will constantly be updated for all your ever changing needs.

2. Regular shopping lists. Every other month, you will receive a new shopping list with 50 items I choose for you to update your wardrobe that season.

3. Closet visits. Two 2-hour visits to your house in the 6 month period so we can assess your closet and your outfits together in person (via FaceTime for non-LA residents).

$1,000 per month with 6 month commitment, or pay in full at booking for $5600 ($400 off).