Nail Call

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The 70's and 80's are always a strong influence in fashion these days, but lately I've been noticing inspiration from those decades pop up in more places like in home and beauty trends too. As my style has been retreating to more organic color tones, sometimes my favorite nail looks to commit to for two weeks (as you do with gels) are the softer, camouflage hues. I never like to feel like I'm picking something "boring" for my nails and always need to have some overall inspiration or story I can tell myself about the color I choose (obsessed much?). So I find myself searching for a nuanced shade of nude. This pink had a 70's vibe to me, and just feels like it belongs with a mustard floral maxi dress, no makeup, and long air dried hair. It goes with everything, yet doesn't feel like the light nude pink we've seen a million times before.

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Color: Lechat Perfect Match Gel Polish in Mockingbird



Photography by Ashley Burns