Pillow Refresh

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Ever since we moved into our house last October, we've been dying to start designing the space to give it our own style and make it a "home." But these first several months have been all about clearing out all that junk we had been keeping in previous apartments and doing the projects that are 0% fun and 100% function/safety. First on the list was to build a stair rail because the previous owners thought it was cool to have an open staircase with no railing (not safe even for an able bodied adult, let alone legal). So that, along with painting the entire interior of the house white, baby proofing, fixing various parts of the pool, and some basic landscaping were the boring, expensive projects that needed immediate attention. Still, I'm chomping at the bit to start doing the fun makeovers like the bar, kitchen, bathrooms, and my closet (which will actually be the first thing to be finished so stay tuned). All in due time. It's definitely a slow process to settle into your first home, and our renovations/furnishings won't be happening in one fell swoop. That's why I've been looking for the little ways to freshen up the space in a temporary way (working with the stuff we already have even if we don't plan to keep it long term) without spending boat loads of money. All of our furniture and decor is pretty much left over from our last apartment, and most of it feels wrong for this house. Many of the pieces have a more urban/glam/edgy feel but the house is airy and suburban calling for a more natural, desert vibe. Not to mention the fact that home style trends have changed a lot since we bought most of our stuff. We'll get there, but for right now, I'm looking to things like inexpensive pillows (thank God for Target!) to freshen up the space. Here's the latest, and nevermind the fact that we *still* have no art on the walls...

Pink diamond / Cream lumbar

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Black and white pom pom / Black Mongolian lamb / White Mongolian lamb / Black and white pattern (sold out but this and this are similar options)

521A0151 copy

521A0217 copy

Fringe (old but they have a lot of similar options) / Macrame

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White w/ black print (sold out but this one is very similar) / Black and white diamond / Stripes / Lanterns

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This pillow is from earlier this season but this one is a cool alternative with blue accents)

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Photography by Ashley Burns