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My brain has been trained since childhood to think of the beginning of August as almost back-to-school time, otherwise known as fall. As a kid I can remember going school clothes shopping with my mom and sister right around this time, and we'd come home and have a "fashion show" for my dad (all the way to our high school years, I might add). Most of the stuff we'd buy were jeans, boots (Dr. Martens of course) sweaters, and flannel shirts, all things we wouldn't need for at least another two months. But we were too excited to be held back. I have never stopped switching into that mindset come August, and I don't know why I can't learn that summer has another couple of STRONG months to go before I could even think of putting on a sweater. But a girl can dream. Right now, I'll just wear this summery dress in fall-ish tones, and go hang out at an old schoolhouse. Maybe even buy a Trapper Keeper, who knows?

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Dress / Boots (so old but there are a ton of vintage ones like this) / Clutch (RIP American Apparel but this one is cute) / Sunglasses

Photography by Ashley Burns