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FASHION FENG SHUI + Intention Setting
FOR the new year


Bluebell Farm / Fayette, MO
January 20, 2018

Join me for an intimate 3-hour workshop at the picturesque Bluebell Farm 20 minutes outside of Columbia, MO, where you will discover how the elements of Fashion Feng Shui can help you honor your essence through your personal style, and support you in achieving your life goals!

The start of a new year is a time for reflection and renewal. It's the perfect opportunity to refocus your energy on the things that matter most, and make sure you are living your life in the most fulfilling and authentic way. Your closet is one of the first places to look in getting a fresh start for the year ahead. Which pieces in your wardrobe really honor you and which ones are holding you back? We have a lot of choices when it comes to fashion. Pinterest and Instagram are chock full of outfit ideas, and fashion inspiration is just a click or a scroll away. But it can be hard to determine what really speaks to you specifically and why. The truth is that when you have a deep understanding of your authentic self and the person you want to become, everything starts to fall into place.

In this workshop you will learn about the five elements and which ones represent you. Then you will see specific examples of how these elements come through in our fashion choices, and how you can dress to best honor your own essence and intentions. You will be asked to bring 2 items from your closet so you can see how this directly applies to your favorite (or not so favorite) pieces and why, and share in the journey to a honed sense of self with the support of others doing the same! You will walk away with a whole new game plan for 2018, and a style to help you have the best year ever.

Farm Dinner Option: Make it a night to remember and join us for a four course elemental themed farm dinner with wine pairings after the workshop.

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