Light Jacket

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Do you ever throw a jacket over your outfit even though you know there’s no chance you’re going to be cold enough to need it? Yeah me too. Not being able to layer in 100 degree temps is something summer Catherine struggles with, and that’s exactly why fall is my favorite season. But every now […]

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Nail Call

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If you’re into the idea of nail art, but don’t have the time or the budget to do a design on all ten of your nails, well today’s nail call is for you. Some of the fancy places charge $5-12 PER NAIL to do a design, to which I say, “Opaque nude please.” But this version […]

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Warmed Up

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In the spirit of style evolution, I’ve been working on tweaking how I wear some of my all-time favorite trends. Black and white remains my favorite combo, but these days I find that I like it best when I can find a way to warm it up a bit. Whether that’s with softer textures, or […]

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