Sailor’s Style / 17 Months

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I’ve never had a┬áproblem styling my adult clients, but when it came to styling a baby, I felt like a total beginner. I didn’t understand how it works and just had so many questions: How long do they wear onesies for? At what point do we start dressing them in full outfits with jeans and […]

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Double Plaid

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In recent years it seems like plaid flannel shirts have become like t-shirts in my wardrobe. I have a growing collection, and I love tying them around my waist with a tee and leather jacket. Maybe it’s the 90’s trends that are everywhere these days, or maybe it’s their soft cozy appeal. When I spotted […]

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Applying False Lashes

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It’s safe to say that I’m no beauty expert, but I certainly have spent a larger percentage of my adulthood than I care to admit obsessing over it. Not in an unhealthy way, but just because I enjoy it. It’s fun being a girly girl sometimes. I remember when I first started wearing false lashes. […]

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