Bar Makeover


I posted a couple of months ago in my Instagram story about giving our wet bar a makeover. My mom was here (aka, project time) and we were painting away. It might be a bit delayed, but I’m finally sharing the completed bar! We went back and forth for months about how exactly to do […]

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Clean Skincare Routine


These days, everything scares me. Not to be alarmist or depressing but aside from the horrendous things going on in the world and our country, it seems like we’re constantly uncovering new toxicities in the things we intake daily and it’s no longer something to be trusted to those top selling brands to make sure everything […]

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I had a skincare post ready to go for yesterday, and still today it sits there. I haven’t felt right publishing anything after Sunday night’s tragedy in Vegas. I don’t know how to talk about beauty products in light of something like this, and personally, I’m feeling especially defeated and pissed off after this one. I don’t know […]

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